A digital payments solution for the real estate industry

Digital Earnest Money

We’re happy to let you know Momentum Title now uses EarnNest, a digital payments solution for the real estate industry that offers the first-ever fully digital earnest money experience and the largest escrow holder network in the nation.

How To Register with EarnNest:
Get started with EarnNest by registering for a free account using the following link: https://app.earnnest.com/agent/register

How To Find Momentum Title in EarnNest:
After registration, simply search for Momentum Title, LLC when requesting earnest money and select us as your escrow holder. For step-by-step instructions on creating a digital earnest request, check out this quick video.

EarnNest Features:

  • Real-time notifications about the status of every transaction
  • Automatic receipts for every transaction
  • Banking-level security and encryption
  • 100% digital earnest money deposits (no more paper checks)
  • Transactions that are cost-free for agents and escrow holders

MomentumTitle strives to provide tools that help you create a competitive advantage in your business.  With EarnNest, you can now offer clients an easier and more secure way to pay their earnest money, and that’s a win-win for everyone.  If you have any questions, please email Chris Corriveau at chris@momentumtitletn.com. For more information on Momentum Title, visit https://momentumtitletn.com.


Helpful Links

Agent Quick Start Guide - This helps the agent getting familiar with the system

Agent Registration - Agents will need to register to use our service. It's quick, easy, & free

How To Create a Transaction - A short tutorial on generating an earnest money request

How to Submit Earnest Money - A short tutorial on what the homebuyer needs to do

Escrow Marketing Materials - Email & Social media templates, guides, and resources to let everyone know that you use the EarnNest service.