Protect Your Customers’ Funds with SafeValidation™

A proven process for added peace of mind

Chances are you’re not doing enough to protect your customers’ money. Stop putting your reputation on the line and leaving your company at risk. Rest easy knowing your customers’ funds are safe and secure with the dual-layer protection of SafeValidation™ from Safe Escrow:

  • SES Payee Authentication technology ensures that wired funds are routed to the correct bank
  • SES Payoff Validation technology confirms that payoff wires are routed to the correct payoff institution

Supported by Best-of-Breed SES Technology™

  • Built on an industry leading technology platform housing a series of software driven controls and permissions that ensure security and compliance
  • Employs state-of-the-art banking controls with positive pay
  • Data is stored on redundant and encrypted servers
Independently certified to comply with industry best practices.

What Underwriters Say...

"The Safe Escrow system has prevented wire fraud and saved North American Title Insurance Company (NATIC) agents thousands of dollars in losses by providing a secure platform to access disbursement services within their network.

Safe Escrow has become a valuable tool for NATIC agents to achieve Pillar 2, ALTA Best Practices compliance in the area of escrow accounting and reporting."

Michael Holden
Vice President


Collaborative Funding with Safe Escrow

Safe Escrow offers title agents a secure, proven solution to escrow funding with our underwriter approved collaborative disbursement system. From opening a transaction to post funding matters, Safe Escrow gives you added peace of mind.

You retain control. We handle the complexity.

Safe Escrow provides Title Agents with a collaborative service and technology platform, in which you track and participate in the funding process from beginning to end. You are able to make last minute changes at the closing table, you retain the ability to cut checks to be distributed to your customers, and you have visibility into the entire funding process.

A proven process for added peace of mind

Managing your own escrow account is arduous, and your attention is better spent elsewhere. Safe Escrow allows you the time to develop new relationships and focus on your customers